About Us

Removal Services for Your Car in Geelong

Needless to say, cars need to be maintained on a regular basis to be able to prolong its life. Failing to take care of your car can result in a breakdown in the middle of the road where you can’t even get an auto shop to repair the car. Fortunately, Gul Nazar Towing is here for you. Since our establishment, we have consistently delivered car towing and removal services to our clients.

Our car removal services in Geelong by the experts ensure that your car reach the confines of your home or a nearby repair shop in one piece. We are available to the beck and call of our customers 24×7, making us the only service provider in the area to extend a helping hand to those who are in need. So grab your phone and give us a call. Even if you are in the middle of nowhere, we promise to reach within the shortest possible time.

Our Fleet
Being in the business for several years has taught us to be ready for any unforseen car breakdowns and that’s precisely the reason we possess a fleet of tow trucks which are of several shapes and sizes. All our state of the art vehicles are brand new, provided by some of the leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.

We do not believe that car removal services are our only responsibility. We believe in taking care of you – the client. Both you and your vehicle are our responsibility. So you can rest assured that whatever the situation might be, you and your car will be completely safe with us. All our tow trucks are pollution controlled and come with roadworthy certificates issued by the authorities. So you can rest assured.

24×7 Services
Here, our aim has always been to meet and exceed client expectation which is why our staffs are committed to it. We have professionals who are more than willing to solve your queries and cater to your every need.

You might be driving to a particular destination in the middle of the night, and your car breaks down. It is our 24×7 guarantee that once we receive a distress call from your end, we will make ourselves available, with a tow truck, to ensure that you can take your car to a repair shop for proper diagnosis. Our customer care help-lines remain open throughout the night. Even if you do not need a tow truck, our executives will provide with proper guidelines which can help you to fix your car temporarily.

Our Experience
Here at Gul Nazar Towing, our professionals always strive to deliver the best possible assistance to our clients. Over the years, we have acquired drivers who are trained by highly professional and skilled industry experts who ensure that be it cheap car towing Geelong or removals, we deliver services which are second to none.

Our drivers and managers possess certified credentials, which make them eligible to help you out. If in doubt, you can ask the driver of the tow truck to show you his driving license, simply for your peace of mind. We understand that a car breakdown can be distressing, and you might want to recheck everything before you trust us with your vehicle. Our client satisfaction rate is literally off the charts, because of the experience we possess. Our experts makes sure that the entire process takes the shortest possible time and also in an efficient manner.

Cost Effective
We have always catered to the convenience of the clients which is why our service charges have always been one of the best in the market. All you need to do is compare our prices with other towing and removal services to find out how we provide the most cost effective service.

When it comes to towing and car removal services in Geelong, we are certainly one of the best in the business. But that’s not all that we provide since we also spare parts for cars. Be it any kind of car, we can offer spare parts without making a dent in your pockets.

We believe in serving the customer – profiteering is not our motto. Because of this, providing a low service rate is easy for us. When you pick us, you make sure that you, your car and your pocket are safe and secure. If you put your trust in us, we promise not to let you down in any way.